Matt has learned from


Luis Huerta

(5 time Grammy winner)

Riccardo Merlini

(The fastest drummer in the world)

Born in Brasilia (Brazil) in 2000, his hometown Brasília, Matheus began to study drums, when he was 6 years old Matt started with Cezar Henriquehe 4FAS


In this institution, Matt studied different music styles like Samba, Jazz, Fusion, and Bossa with Elias Caires. 

Between 2010 and 2013 studied different technics and performances with Cezar Borgatto and Paulo Marques and Patrício Ticho Lavenère in 2013 graduating from a basic drum course and during the advanced drum course between 2014 and 2019.

2016 Matt worked on some local projects and recorded with some local artists.

That same year he started giving drum classes at the Harmonia music school in Planaltina DF.



David Garibaldi, Faiano Manhas, Mike Portnoy, Tomas Haake, Riccardo Merlini, and more.


In 2018, when Matheus was working on a recording project for a local gospel artist, he decided to become a studio musician dedicating himself to learning more about the process of production and recording, in the same year Matheus was part of the Super Band of the Music school of Brasília and Feelings band in addition to having participated in local projects.


In 2019 he graduated from the advanced drum course at the Brasília Music School and in 2020 he joined the Mountain Chicken band to record the album "You Are Going to Brazil" and became a drum teacher at Melodia school of music in Planaltina DF.


Now Matheus is working on different projects for independent artists around the world and making collaborations with musicians around the world.