New events

Now Ralo Music Productions together with El Studio Mexico for more options for your ideas.

Ralo Music Productions is now in Mexico, in partnership with EL Studio Audio and Video, giving you one more option for your projects and events, not only for Mexico, but throughout Latin America.

Ralo Music Productions together with the Studio are the best option for your new project, in the Studio you can find a list of professional musicians who will help you make your ideas come true.
With the best audio and video quality required for your project to be what you always wanted.


With a live recording room with the capacity of a symphony orchestra, El Studio gives you the best acoustic sound so your musical projects can have the natural sound you are looking for.

Likewise, you can record with your whole band or separately adapting to your needs.

In conjunction with Ralo Music Productions, El Studio offers you a number of options for your recordings from production to musical, with a variety of musicians not only local but international so your music is heard as you always wanted.


In El Studio you can record not just audio but also video for each project you have in mind, with high quality image and with the best equipment so each project  you have can be unique.

For commercials, live programs, streaming and more, with an audiovisual room that can definitely be adapted to your needs.