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Revista Rockaxis:
An interview with Rockaxis Magazine at November 14, 2019: "No Bundys" ¿Nuestra búsqueda tiene que ver con nuestra propia identidad?

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UDARA is a female musicians community apassionated with rock music; we were selected as a recommended of the month.

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Foundress bands: Atmosferia, Tafones, No Bundys..
Recording of two professional studio albums.

She was part of The Collaborative School of Music Production ECPM project with BAJ Los Lagos (NPO), 2019; and Escuelas de Rock, 2019.

Piedra Andina 2019 Festival, Puerto Varas, Chile.
South of Chile Tour by BAJ Los Lagos & ECPM 2019, Patagonia, Chile.

Winner of Converse Rubber Tracks Santiago, Chile, 2016.
New Zealand tour, 2014.

Converse Rubber Tracks - Santiago, Chile.

Winners of "Converse Rubber Tracks" contest to record a single in Lautaro Studios, Santiago, November 2016.

Albums & Single release:

Single release - Rats & Eagles.
ECPM SUR Studios.
Puerto Montt, Chile 2020

EP Release - Knives & Bullets.
Lautaro Studios.
Santiago, Chile.
July, 2018.

Catalina Millan:

Female drummer from Puerto Montt Chile. started to play drum's when she was 15 years old, she was part of the formation of many bands, several gigs around Chile and New Zealand, TV/Magazines interviews.

Studio recording:

"Knives & Bullets" album by No Bundys.
"Rats and Eagles" single by No Bundys.
"Dalton" album by Tafones.