Carolina began to study in 2000 traveling to Cuba and New York to perfection the instrument, since she was just a little girl she had a connection with the music.


At 10 years old she started to play the piano then the guitar soon after she started to feel a great attraction for the Bongo, her father had a bongo at home, and he played it as a hobby and her mother had a percussion passion as well, it's since then that Carolina got love for the percussion.


At 16, she started to dance Son Cubano and Salsa, even she become a dance instructor but with the toms in her mind. Soon after she bought the first percussion set and started to play the congas in music inspirited in Ruben Blades songs, then she continued taking classes and started to perfection ate her technique.


At this time Carolina Cohen is one of the most well-known percussionist in Argentina. She has been now one of the most called percussionist for studio and live presentations in places like Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile Brazil and more.

More about Carolina Cohen

Carolina Cohen

Percussionist and singer from Argentina, with eleven years of musical career and 2 musical productions.

Carolina has participated in different projects and performed with musicians like Mayito Rivera, Eva Ayllon, Luis Salinas, Nahuel Pennisi and more.

She has performed clinics and concerts in countries like Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, among another, always looking for new and creative styles and rhythms creating a new fusion style in her new show mixing the Latin American folklore and Latin Jazz.


It's the name of her new show conformed by Voice, Bass, Piano and percussion performing a Latin American Folklore and Latin jazz show, with original music and new arrangements in traditional songs, making a fusion of rhythms of

different Latin American music converting it to a new contemporary music style.

Carolina Cohen.

Independent Musician

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