Magali Loidi now is working for other international projects, as instructor and as solo drummer.


Recording sessions and live sessions, working with new projects and making collaborations with international musicians.


At this moment she is with Ralo Music Productions as indpentndet Drummer.

The Royal Caribbean band and around the world.

Recording studio and more.

At this moment is working on a new tour with the New Royal Caribbean band, with this and Magali will travel around the world.



She performed with renowned Argentinian musicians like Alejandro Herrera (


Fernando Pugliese’s Jazz Trio. Ricardo Nole (Uruguay)


Horacio Acosta.

played in deferments venues of Buenos Aires City Argentina.

She has been working for Holland America Line with her band Ocean Beat and travelled all around the world. She visited over 40 countries among them China, Japan, Greece, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, EEUU.


With live shows every night.


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Female drummer from Buenos Aires Argentina, she started in the drums when she was 13 years old. 

A few years after she joined many bands as a drummer and percussionist, traveling  around the world working with international companies and teaching.

With a very Jazzy style, Magali started in her new own projects and local and international bands in recording studios.



Music styles




Latin music like:




Uruguayan Murga.

Murga Porteña 

Brazilian percussion

Graduated from:


EMEAI the Basic Formation. 


Graduated from:


Leopoldo Marechal College ( degree as Drum teacher } 


Drums and Percussion instructor.