1991 taking course in San Diego California with the drummer
of Latin music Robby Ameen.
recording hours instudio: 50,000
It has positioned itself as a
Session and recording musician
for different interpreters
pop field

Ricky Martín - Dulce - Amanda Miguel - Diego Verdaguer - Jeans - Cristian Castro - Sentidos Opuestos - Armando Manzanero - Maria Conchita Alonso - Imelda Miller - Alberto Angel “El cuervo” - Yequina Pavón - Fernando Ibarra - Antonio Muñiz - Benjamin - Enrique Heredia “ El negri” - Juan Carlos y su Rumba flamenca - Retro Music - Legion - Leonora Argon - Xavier Manuel - Manuel Adrian - Camilo Blanes (hijo de Camilo Sesto) - Secret Garde


He has also worked on personal projects and collaborations.
At this moment he is not only performing with artists, but also as an instructor and teaching online, Erick is a versatile musician who through the years has been able to work with different music styles being progressive Jazz the style in which he specializes.

Independent Mexican drummer, with a career in Mexico and Latin America, playing for artists in Mexico and more.
In his career as a drummer he not only develops as a drummer in live performances, but also as a session musician.


Erick is one of the most sought-after drummers in Mexico, having a long list of Mexican artists with whom he has worked.